The last weeks have been exciting. We had spent some time in Arizona with family, so it was nice to get back on the road doing what refuels and excites us as a family – exploring.

Andrew and I have driven through Texas many times and often gritted our teeth at how it took forever and was just super flat….miles and miles of flat nothing is what we’d say. Somehow this visit has been anything but that. We first traveled to big bend national park. It’s spring time and beautiful flowers are everywhere- if you look close enough through the desert brush. The landscape is anything but flat here also! Intense slopes and canyons, mountains and hills all span across the open desert. Big bend specially is a beautiful place.

We loved the hot springs, hiking, kayaking and waterfalls. Such an amazing place and adventure for our family.

We drove to hill country from the park and found ourselves in one of the prettiest little towns, fredricksburg. I’m not sure how we only stayed one night but we had heard good things about San macos and wanted to explore it and larger cities. The rv place we stayed at parked us just overlooking a beautiful river where the girls played hide and seek, made sand creations and sat with me in the big swing.

Kiara also had the opportunity to try fishing for the very first time! We didn’t catch anything- but it was fun to try!

An hour south, in San Antonio, we ventured into the downtown to see the Alamo.

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Traveling family living full time in an RV while we explore National Parks, Landmarks, and other of-the-beaten path activities.

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