Northern Florida

We drove from Texas into Florida during a rain storm. The roads were blanketed in a thick fog and rain was pouring down steadily. We had forfeited campgrounds in order to get to our destination, thinking that the rain would disappear as we got closer to Florida. Little did we know that rain extended the entire way.

The first days in Florida were amazing. We stayed at a jellystone in preparation for a family camp, and weather was beautiful. We enjoyed swimming, bounce house jumping and exploring the areas blue springs.

blue springs:

Two days into our stay however, a tornado watch was issued for the area. This tornado had already torn through northern states, claiming lives, so we took precautions.

Here is a video on this tornado:

The days that followed were cold, we had to break our jackets and gloves back out! Despite this, the girls made some great friendships and we had some amazing times! Kiara and Andrew went out on the river for a daddy/daughter date and the kids got to enjoy the area. It was our first time visiting this part of Florida.

Here is a video on our family camp:

Because we spent time in Madison, we put together our top places to explore while there.

A small coffee shop on the main street featured us on their page while we were there also!

How cool!!

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