First harvest host

The windows are open in our rv tonight. I hear the Pitter patter of rain drops as evenings cool air brushes up against my skin. It’s been hot and humid most of the evening so this is a welcome breeze. Its later now. The rain fall has lulled our girls to sleep. I’m looking out the window, seeing fire flies for the first time in years. They are putting on a show. One flies close intensely, only to fade as another lights up in the distance. It’s a dance, one they most likely have been doing in this beautiful field for ever.

Tonight is our first night staying with a harvest host. We have an open pasture beside us with about 6 or 7 cows and beautiful rolling hills. No one else is here except us. Essentially we are boon docking. No electric. No water. No sewer. And you know what? No one cares. 🙂 Its a welcome unplugging yo really be in nature more intently.

We are at a maple farm in vermont just outside montpellier. Earlier tonight we all had maple icecream and treats from the store & picked up a huge pint of maple syrup to take with us on the road for our pancakes.

The girls and I rode bikes and swung on the huge swings they have on the property before heading inside to take cold baths and showers. It was so hot and humid earlier. I’m sure this storm had something to do with it.

Andrew had wanted to run the generator, but weather decided against it for us. Just as well. The night air is cool and fresh.

The rain has been off and on, taking turns with the fireflies for the first part of the evening but its officially settling into a steady pitter patter across the roof. It’s so nice to have our windows open and feel the breeze of the night.

In the morning our neighbors came around to say hello before we left! 😉

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Traveling family living full time in an RV while we explore National Parks, Landmarks, and other of-the-beaten path activities.

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