Mammoth Cave or Carlsbad Caverns

If I had to pick between Carlabad caverns and mammoth cave …hands down I’d return to Carlsbad caverns. But mammoth…it scares the hell out of me. This is the kind of cave people get lost in. Stuck in. It’s long and deep and tight. Nothing like the grand huge room that Carlsbad is.

Mammoth makes you book a tour- and thank god! A person would get lost forever down there. The min we started down the steep windy steps into the cave, I second guessed what I was doing. The cave walls curve into the stairs, making you squeeze your body (and baby in front pack) to fit. Behind you are about 50 plus other people – so there’s no turning back- you have to continue. Feelings of claustrophobia and being trapped definitely become a real thing. And with little kids, you remain calm and talk happy thoughts as you walk deeper into the unknown with them, praying it will all be over soon.

I don’t like caves. Yes they are impressive, but I don’t want to be in them. I need control over my body and surrounding ways to much. The need to explore isn’t so strong that I need to be underground. But that’s just me.

My husband on the other hand decided to go with a group of guys into the unknown to find some unmarked cave. Glad he’s back alive.

No thank you.

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