Fifth Wheel and Travel Trailer Walk Through Checklist

Doing your final walk-through before driving your fifth wheel or travel trailer off the dealer parking lot is a big endeavor. There are lots of things we wish we had learned about and questions we should have asked before leaving camping world. Here are some of our top suggestions.

1. Hitching and Unhitching: sounds self-explanatory. However, neither of us ever had experience connecting to or unhooking from our truck before this. You want to make sure of a few things.

  • Can the pin and overhang clear the height of your truck bed? Make sure that you know how to operate the jacks to do this in the front and back. Also, we didn’t know the rear jacks should be completely up.
  • What position should your hitch be set in?
  • How do you connect your trailer brake and power supply to the towing vehicle?

2. How does the leveling system work and what are the most accurate points on the trailer you should use to determine if it is really level?

3. How do you turn on your water pumps, both exterior and interior buttons?

4. Water heater: how does it operate? What buttons need to be used to turn it on and off and what is the best way to increase the amount and duration of hot water.

5. How do you open and close your black and grey water tanks?

6. How do you fill your fresh water tank or what position do you need to turn any handles to for city water when you are at a site with full hookups?

7. Generators: when you have a generator setup for propane, where are the lines for this and how does it attach?

8. Refrigerator: if you have a norcold or any other RV refrigerator brand, what are the settings to switch it from being powered by electric of propane? Where is the refrigerator fan located?

9. Propane tanks: how to turn them and off and how do you operate your regulator? Be sure you know how to attach and remove the tanks for refilling. Know how to determine if your tanks are all empty.

10. Slides: evaluate whether they all are operating correctly. Don’t drive off the lot with a rig that already has slow slides.

11. Furnace: know all the parts of your furnace. How to turn it on and off, switch between A/C and heat and also other items like the sail switch which is used to reset it.

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