Applachian Trail Hiking with kids

Its been awhile since we posted. After leaving fulltimr RV life for a more stable day to day, we have found ourselves traveling about our new home state to explore. Part of our exploring has lead us to many hikes through the Blueridge mountains and Appalachian trails. Our 3 girls are older now. Our oldestContinue reading “Applachian Trail Hiking with kids”

Congaree National Park, South Carolina & Poinsett State Park

Driving / RVing: Beware of the roads and large rig navigation in central South Carolina. Case in point, our experience about 15 miles away from our camping destination of Poinsett State Park. We were using google maps (I neither use it or iphone maps any longer) to navigate our final few turns toward the park.Continue reading “Congaree National Park, South Carolina & Poinsett State Park”

RV Newbie – Must-Have Items to NOT Leave Home Without

Buying a new (or new to you) RV for the first time can be both exciting and stressful. Which brand and floorplan? How do I dump, use propane, turn the lights on?! Once you figure out which one works best for you, it is time to decide what you really must or cannot go withoutContinue reading “RV Newbie – Must-Have Items to NOT Leave Home Without”

Mammoth Cave or Carlsbad Caverns

If I had to pick between Carlabad caverns and mammoth cave …hands down I’d return to Carlsbad caverns. But mammoth…it scares the hell out of me. This is the kind of cave people get lost in. Stuck in. It’s long and deep and tight. Nothing like the grand huge room that Carlsbad is. Mammoth makesContinue reading “Mammoth Cave or Carlsbad Caverns”

Our National Adventure at the Dry Tortugas!

The Dry Tortugas is the southern-most National Park off the continental US just a 2 1/2 hour ferry ride from Key West! We were so excited to finally visit after months of anticipation. Camping: although you can pitch a tent outside Fort Jefferson on the main island in the national park, we opted for aContinue reading “Our National Adventure at the Dry Tortugas!”

Bennett’s Fresh Roast in Fort Myers, Florida

Bennett’s Fresh Roast has to be one of our all-time fave coffee places. From 2011-14, Alison and I use to live in beautiful Fort Myers just off the Palm Tree lined McGregor Boulevard. I had graduated law school and we found a beautiful fixer-upper amongst the rows of mansions in what seems to be aContinue reading “Bennett’s Fresh Roast in Fort Myers, Florida”