Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I love to decorate and redefine and design my home. It’s something that’s in constant motion- even in a stationary “normal ” home. But here on the road I’m finding that it’s something that’s quite normal! Most moving days are seen as hectic, rough and stressful. After all you are taking down your home and then traveling all day- just in time to put it all back together again.

We have found a rhythm that works for us. We take our time. We don’t travel more than 200 miles, and when it’s time to set back up- I’m ideally aloud a half hour to do so. Granted- most of the time kids are hanging out inside or something is usually happening – so it’s really only about five minutes. But it’s time that I use to move furniture and set us up. I’ve found that each location lends to some small change. Although I will say that the longer we travel full time, the less those changes have been. It’s been nice to have a consistent place inside to call home.

Yes, for now our rv truly is “home”